A Day at the Park | Story in English For Class 1

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Sam. Sam loved to play in the park near his house. One sunny day, Sam put on his favorite red shoes and ran to the park with his teddy bear, Teddy.

At the park, Sam saw his friend Lily swinging on the swing. “Hi, Lily!” Sam shouted with a big smile. Lily waved back and said, “Come join me, Sam!” So, Sam ran to the swing, and they both swung high in the air, giggling and laughing.

After swinging, Sam and Lily went to the sandbox to build a sandcastle. They used buckets and shovels to make the tallest sandcastle ever. Teddy even had a tiny sandcastle next to theirs.

Soon, it was time for a snack. Sam’s mom had packed a yummy picnic for him. They sat on a blanket and enjoyed sandwiches, fruits, and juice. Teddy got a bite of a cookie too!

The sun was shining brightly, and the birds were singing. Sam and Lily decided to go on the slide. They climbed to the top and slid down, feeling the wind in their hair. “Whee!” they shouted with joy.

As the day went on, more friends joined Sam and Lily in the park. They played tag, hide and seek, and even had a friendly race. Everyone had so much fun together.

When the sun started to set, Sam knew it was time to go home. He said goodbye to his friends and thanked Teddy for being the best companion. As Sam walked back home, he felt happy and tired from all the playing.

That night, Sam went to bed with a big smile on his face, dreaming about the next day’s adventures at the park.

And so, the little red shoes were ready for another exciting day of play in the park.

The end.

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