Cinderella Story For Kids Class 1 to 6

In a faraway kingdom, lived a kind girl named Cinderella. Unlike other children, her life wasn’t filled with sunshine and laughter. She lived with her strict stepmother and two jealous stepsisters, Drizella and Anastasia.

Cinderella’s days were filled with chores. While her sisters slept in, she scrubbed floors, cleaned dishes, and even mended their fancy gowns. Despite the hard work, Cinderella always had a smile. She’d hum happily and chat with the friendly little birds and mice who often visited her.

One sunny afternoon, a grand announcement echoed through the town. The King was hosting a grand ball! Everyone, young and old, was invited to celebrate with the Prince. Excitement filled the air, except in Cinderella’s heart.

“Oh, how I wish I could go,” she sighed, watching her stepsisters dance with delight.

Her stepmother scoffed. “Nonsense! You have work to do. Besides, you have nothing to wear to a ball.”

Tears welled up in Cinderella’s eyes. As dusk settled, a shimmer filled the room. A beautiful lady with a gentle smile stood before her. It was her Fairy Godmother!

Waving a sparkling wand, the Fairy Godmother transformed a pumpkin into a glistening carriage, mice into dashing footmen, and Cinderella’s rags into a shimmering gown. But there was a catch!

“Remember, my dear,” the Fairy Godmother warned, “all this magic ends at the stroke of midnight.”

Cinderella’s heart leaped with joy. Arriving at the ball, she looked breathtaking. The music filled the grand hall, and everyone’s eyes turned to her. The Prince, captivated by her beauty and kindness, immediately asked her to dance.

They talked and laughed the whole night. Cinderella, lost in the magic, forgot the time. As the clock chimed twelve, she remembered the warning. With a hurried goodbye, she raced out of the palace, leaving behind a glass slipper on the grand staircase.

The next morning, the entire kingdom buzzed about the mysterious girl. The Prince, determined to find her, announced that the girl whose foot perfectly fit the glass slipper would become his bride!

News reached Cinderella’s house. The stepsisters, desperate to be the chosen one, squeezed and shoved their feet, but the slipper wouldn’t budge. Finally, the soldiers arrived at Cinderella’s door.

With a trembling hand, Cinderella slipped on the glass slipper. It fit perfectly! The Prince, overjoyed, finally knew who his dance partner was.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters were left speechless. The Prince, seeing Cinderella’s kind heart and gentle spirit, knew she was the one. They were married in a grand ceremony, and Cinderella, along with her little bird and mice friends, lived happily ever after, proving that kindness and a good heart can shine brighter than any magic.

Remember, children: Kindness and hard work are always rewarded. Even in difficult situations, never lose hope and keep your smile bright.

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